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Allorello e mentella (Laurel and mint liqueurs)

Bay laurel leaves infusing in vodka.
Bay laurel leaves infusing in vodka.
A small-leaved mint I picked from the farm I bought a share in.
The mint is already turning the vodka green on day 2.

I tried two more liqueurs: one made with bay laurel leaves and one made with some sort of mint that I picked at my farm share.  The leaves were really small and didn’t look exactly like mint, but they sure smelled like it, and I figured they wouldn’t grow anything poisonous in their pick-your-own herb garden, so in the vodka they went!

The laurel liqueur came out lighter in color than it has when I’ve made it before (in 95% alcohol), and it tastes smokier or spicier or something, which I’m not crazy about.  It’s supposed to be refreshing. I might try adding more syrup to it. The mint is pretty good, but I think I’d like it better mixed with more flavor.  Vanilla is an option.  I have half a mind to make a lime liqueur and mix it with the mint – can you tell I like mojitos?

So this time, I used 200 mL of water and 200 mL of granulated sugar per bottle of vodka. That’s equal parts by volume – a traditional simple syrup.  Since I split the bottle between the two types of leaves, I split that syrup between the two.  I put the syrup in the bottle first so I could split it evenly, so when I poured in the alcohol it sat on top and looked really cool until I shook the bottles.  I think this recipe is pretty good, but I haven’t given them a very good try yet, so don’t hold me to that.  I have a feeling I’ll need to adjust the sugar content again to find a happy medium.


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