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Pie crust on Good Eats!

Just wanted to celebrate the fact that I got home tonight only to turn on the TV and see Alton Brown discussing how to make a good pie crust.  Just what I need!  Hooray.  I’ll edit if I learn anything new that would have saved my melktert crusts.

…AH-HA! He says pie doughs shrink due to gluten formation.  The elastic gluten pulls it all together, or something.  Therefore, go easy on the water, and I assume also on any unnecessary agitation.  Lesson learned.  He adds water with a squirt bottle (you know the one); I should get one of those.  I also really want one of those bench scraper type things.  They probably cost a lot more than they should.  Alas.

He also says that having big chunks of butter is good, so that’s nice, because I had big chunks of butter in mine and – although they did their job, making my crust really flaky – it looked so different from how I thought pie dough should look that I was afraid it was a bad thing.

Ok, one more thing.  Can I tell you how proud I am that I actually have the exact “tailor’s ruler” that he whipped out to measure a quarter of an inch for rolling the dough?  (I sew…that is, I try to sew.  I’m pretty domestic for a raging feminist.)


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