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Farmshare saute

Farmshare sauteI picked up this week’s vegetables from our farmshare today, and I was feeling guilty about not having eaten much of last week’s yet, so I decided to make a veggie dinner tonight.  I knew I wanted to use the bok choy I got, but I didn’t know what to do with it.  The internet wasn’t too helpful, because most of the recipes I found required ingredients I don’t have and effort I didn’t want to expend.  So I decided to just saute the darn things.  We have carrots for days, and they are aromatics, so in they go too.  I’ve been wanting to try kohlrabi, so after googling it to see that yes, you can saute it, and no, it doesn’t have some bizarre taste that would throw off the dish, I added that too.  I was going to use olive oil but I thought the flavor from the butter might be nice, so I went with that, and then ended up adding some olive oil because I was afraid of the butter burning.

I tried a little bit of kohlrabi before cooking it, and it tasted like broccoli plus some kind of flavor I hadn’t had before.  Not bad, but not my favorite, for sure.  But it was delicious cooked! Overall the dish was a lot better than it should have been considering the amount of thought that went into it.  And now I know what kohlrabi tastes like.

Incidentally, the farm also taught me that I like ripe tomatillos.  I haven’t brought any home to cook with, but I did take a bite out of one there at the farm to see what it tasted like, and when they are yellow, they are delicious.  I would eat them like apples!  I always thought they were some weird vegetable that was only good in small amounts cooked into other things or something, so I had never used them, but now I’ll be looking out for them at the store.  Unfortunately at the farm most of them aren’t ripe.



2 thoughts on “Farmshare saute

  1. interesting. i found your post because i did one recently on bok choy which i got from a local farm too, and this week i got kohlrabi but haven’t used it yet… haha, kind of scary. just curious, where are you located?

  2. I’m in Massachusetts – if you’re wondering about when the bok choy is ready, this post is actually a couple weeks old, I just waited until I had uploaded my pictures to publish it. I’m really bad about that, haha.

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