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I took a picture of myself taking a picture of my new camera, with my old camera.
I’m really excited because I got a new digital camera for Christmas.  I know I like the model because…I picked it out.  Now you know what this means…prettier pictures!  Not by much, because it’s really my lack of photography skills that makes them bad more than the camera, but I think they’ll be a little prettier, still.  I can’t wait to take pictures, I’ll have to make up something to cook.

Also, I got a new candy thermometer (also for Christmas, also explicitly asked for).  My first glass one broke after many years of valiant service in fudge making.  Then I got one that just has a metal stem, but it needed to be so far into the candy to get an accurate reading that, well, I either used a different thermometer or didn’t get an accurate reading.  How much candy do they think I need?!  So now I’m back to the glass kind, although even this one says that it works best when it’s submerged two and a half inches.  Grumble.Candy Thermometer

What I really wish people would invent (and what they may have already invented, but probably with that same depth issue) is a candy thermometer analogous to those meat thermometers that you leave in the oven with an alarm on the outside that goes off at the right temperature.  For a candy thermometer though, the alarm should be able to go off when it hits the lower limit of the temperature and when it hits the upper limit.  When I use my meat thermometer with an alarm for candy (which I have done several times…enough that I seem to have broken it…whoops), I can only use the alarm to get it up to the soft ball stage, but not for when I’m cooling it down before stirring it.

Cookie PressMy grandmother gave me a cookie press – I didn’t even have to ask for that one!  It’s a  nice set from Williams Sonoma, comes in a little tin that holds all the stencil-y things.  Just wait until the next departmental Cookie Social.  It’s just too bad that most of the fun holidays will be over, because I have a pumpkin shape, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, and so on.  There’s probably a heart in there somewhere, though.

Speaking of gadgets, I added a link to this blog’s RSS feed over to the right, and I’m thinking about adding links to social bookmarking sites. Anyone have any suggestions for which one(s)? I’ve decided to buckle down and blog more regularly so I thought I might do something to, you know, actually get readers ;). Coming up I’ll finally post some of my last adventures from last semester, and by the time those are up, I’ll be back at school making a mess of my kitchen again.


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