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Pecan Pie, because you’re never more Southern than when you live up North

Pecan pie
Caramelized on top, gooey on the inside. And, ok, burnt around the edges.

I have eaten pecan pie many, many glorious times, but I had never made it before.  I found this recipe on the website of a pecan grower, so I figured I could trust it.  I wanted to give pie crust another shot, but I was still getting over being sick and I didn’t have a ton of time, so I decided to make my life easier and buy one.  It was a tough decision, though, knowing how much better homemade pie crusts (even mine!) are than store-bought ones.  Hopefully the filling will make up for it.  I found one website that said the trick to making pecan pies was to roast the pecans first, so I started to, but then I thought, they’re going to cook in the oven, and the worst thing would be to burn them.  So I ended up not doing it.  I think that was an ok decision, but I do wish I had remembered to cover the edges of the pie crust with foil so they wouldn’t get overdone.  Ah, one day I’ll move into a place with an oven that’s younger than me, and I look forward to that day.

I used to wonder what made up the gooey deliciousness of pecan pie; I was a little disturbed to find out that it’s almost entirely corn syrup, but what are you gonna do.  It’s thickened with eggs, a little flour, and just the high concentration of sugar.  Now let’s see if these Northerners like it.  (Yes, they did.)


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