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Pan-fried cauliflower

CauliflowerSo we got some cauliflower from the farmshare and I almost never eat the stuff.  I had an amaaaazing cauliflower soup at my friend’s parent’s restaurant on Anna Maria Island one time, and that’s the only memory I have of ever eating cauliflower.  I don’t know how to recreate the soup, nor do I feel like working that hard, so I googled cauliflower recipes and I found that, to my surprise, people seem to prefer dry heat to wet heat.  (I was just working on analogy to broccoli, which probably isn’t the best idea).  Since I like pan-frying, I decided to try that, following 101 Cookbooks.  Well, sort of following it.  I’m using whatever I have on hand rather than what she calls for.  What I have on hand happens to be garlic and leeks from, you guessed it, the farm.  We’ll call it a white dish.  I keep some lemon juice ice cubes around and everyone seems to like lemon with their cauliflower, so I threw in some lemon juice, too.

It turned out pretty good, but I give most of the credit to the lemon juice.  Somehow nothing else seemed that flavorful. But sure, I’ll add cauliflower to the list of vegetables I eat.


6 thoughts on “Pan-fried cauliflower

  1. Great blog. I live on Anna Maria Island and anything that tastes that bad must be really good for me. I would love to know the restaurant if you recall it or the location?


  2. Mmmm, I love cauliflower! It’s a good choice to treat like broccoli since they’re both cabbage flowers.
    I love to make cauliflower mash with it. Chop cauli roughly and gently sweat with sweet onion and garlic. When soft, mash (takes longer) or process in food processor with some milk & butter till creamy. Pile in oven proof dish, top with cheese or breadcrumbs and bake for 30 min. Sometimes I throw in some smoked papriak or cayenne for spice. Delish!

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