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Blueberry pate de fruit

The night before the first day of school, I whipped up some blueberry pate de fruit.  Now that I know the secret of low-sugar pectin, I can do stuff like that.  Especially if I’m using whole fruit instead of juice or wine; it already has so much less water than the latter that it hits the right consistency really fast.  I actually added a little water this time to give the pectin time to heat up before the blueberries got too dehydrated.  I want the candy to be thick because of the pectin, not because I boiled the fruit down to nothing.

  • 1 pint blueberries
  • some water – a few tablespoons
  • 1 package low-sugar pectin
  • some sugar – my blueberries were a little tart, so I’m guessing I used about 1/2 cup

Puree blueberries.  Add sugar.  Boil.  Add pectin and water.  Stir.  Test on a plate in the freezer.  Pour into my trusty madeleine pan.  Let set.  Enjoy.

This made just over the amount my little madeleine pan will hold, so I have some scraps in a tupperware.

When I made pate de Riesling, I wondered if greasing the pan was necessary.  It’s not nonstick, but I suspected the shape of the madeleines would let the candies slide right out.  So this time I didn’t grease it.  Before being refrigerated, they absolutely slid right out.  After refrigeration, they slid out but not quite as perfectly as before.  I think this may be because they got below freezing in the fridge, though.  That’s happened to things in certain parts of the fridge before, and these seemed colder than they should have been.  So it seems to be pretty safe – the main thing to watch out for when molding pectin candy is the shape of the mold (you need leverage to get them out), not the nonstick-ness of the surface.

I’ll add pictures when I’m less lazy.


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