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Baking questions

So WordPress tells me what people searched for when they found my blog, and sometimes they search for whole questions.  I thought I’d give my answers to those in case anyone else has been wondering.

  1. How to save brownies that are too dry: there’s a long and honored tradition of soaking dry cake in tasty liquids like espresso and various kinds of alcohol.  I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on brownies.
  2. Why to roll a swiss roll while it’s still warm: otherwise it might crack, because it’s less flexible when cool.
  3. Can salted butter be used in a Swiss buttercream recipe: I hope you found my post saying NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO.  It will be overwhelmingly salty, and I say this from experience.  You can get away with salted butter in almost everything else, though.
  4. Add gelatin to ice cream for cake?: Not a bad idea.  Gelatin not only makes ice cream feel creamier, it also helps it keep its shape as it warms up instead of melting into a puddle.  This is a good feature for an ice cream cake.

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