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Banana bread

banana breadI bought four bananas a while back and instead of ripening into a nice yellow before getting brownish, they sort of when straight from greenish to brownish.  I managed to eat one, but the others just weren’t very appetizing so I kept letting them sit there, even though they were only going to get worse.  Then I remembered the goodness that is banana bread.  I found this recipe, which uses three very ripe bananas, and whipped some up.  It has to bake for a while but the batter only takes a few minutes to put together so it’s very compatible with homework.  It came out lacking a little of the oomph that my mom’s banana bread always has; maybe some spices would help?  But the texture and moistness were great.  It looks kind of dry in the picture but it wasn’t in real life.  I didn’t have a loaf pan so I used a glass pan I have that’s somewhere between square and 9×13.  It worked fine.